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Our Affliliates

The mandate for the National Community Foundation lends itself to partnership with a wide cross-section of organizations and institutions. NCF believes that this is an important aspect of its mission and work.  Specific emphasis is placed on the establishment of institutional linkages, partnerships and collaborative arrangements with a range of stakeholders at all levels.

Some of those stakeholders are:

National Insurance Corporation

The National Insurance Corporation (NIC) contributes to the NCF to undertake its programs. The bulk of the funding received from the National Insurance Corporation goes towards the Scholarship program.

Key Government Ministries and Departments:

Department of Human Services and the Ministry of Social Transformation

The Department of Human Services and the Ministry of Social transformation help the NCF by conducting socio-economic assessments of persons requiring assistance before referring them to the NCF for financial aid.

The Corporate Sector:

The work that the NCF undertakes would not be possible without the donation of major sponsors such as:

Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL)

Unicomer St.Lucia Limited



1st National Bank


Bank of St Lucia (BOSL) and ECFH

St. Lucia Distillers

Invest St Lucia

Bay Gardens Hotel

NGOs and Other Civil Society Organizations:

 St Lucia Cancer Society

The Cancer Society works closely with the NCF, to provide much needed assistance    to cancer patients requiring costly treatment.

St.Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF)

The SSDF collaborates with the NCF on the Scholarship and medical assistance programs, providing both financial and other resources that contribute to the effective implementation of the programs.

Local, Regional and International Philanthropic Organizations

Rotary Club

The Rotary Club is a major contributor to the NCF Chess Program. The club provides material to implement the First Move program in primary schools around the island.

Grassroots Community Groups and Organizations:

A number of groups benefit from the NCF, receiving much needed funding to implement their programs.


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