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Read testimonials from a few of our beneficiaries.

During my very limited 17 years of life I have been juggled from house to house fulfilling the duties of a mother’s only child and a father’s oldest but spent most of those days pursuing a life of an aspirant student. Through diligence, self-motivation and dedication, I attained a score of 90.33% on the Common Entrance Exam and was not only accepted into the top secondary school on island, but was also fortunate enough to be awarded a five year scholarship from the National Community Foundation.

There is an infamous saying, which I affirm, stating that the best things in life are those unexpected. Of all of my phenomenal successes, I never foresaw an opportunity to be part of the NCF family, which I must admit was the best. I say that NCF is a family because I was aided in numerous ways than just financially as stated on contract (an annual supply of textbooks, school shoes, uniforms and a termly allowance once attaining an average of 65% or above). I was invited to many workshops which contributed to self improvement, received counseling when my domestic life became complicated and even when my grades dropped. I even got the opportunity to volunteer at the foundation so as to gain some experience and credit hours. Even with all of those benefits, what I enjoyed most from being a scholar at the National Community Foundations is the bond that was built; a bond that they try to build with all scholars. There is a bond where a child like myself can express themselves freely without the fear of being judged, where every endeavor is strongly supported and where every discouragement is for the best. The National Community Foundation is a safe haven when student can ultimately thrive.

As a child who has benefited from the NCF and has seen a peek of what it is like behind the smiles, I know that the members of this foundation, or rather this family, go the extra mile to contribute to the overall development of their scholars. I hope that many more get an such a unique opportunity and an experience as rich as mine. Thank You NCF

-Christal Felix

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