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The NCF is a small organization that undertakes a number of programs and activities.  With a full time staff of only three employees, the organization depends greatly on volunteers to accomplish a major part of it work.  For this reason there are three committees of volunteers which function throughout the year providing guidance and approving funding on the Scholarship and Medical assistance programs and the Small Grants Program.  The Committees examine and assess requests for assistance under their specific focus area and determine whether requesting individuals or groups meet the criteria to qualify for assistance.  The Committees also monitor the progress of the recipients of funds and make recommendations to the NCF with regard to the operations of their respective committees.

NCF also depends on groups such as the Kiwanis Club, the Lions and Leos Club, the ECFH volunteers, Volunteer St. Lucia and other individuals who give freely of their time and effort to ensure the successful hosting of NCF events such as the National Telethon and Kouwi Sent Lisi.

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