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" A. Pamphile"

On behalf of my brother I wish to thank the NCF for this generous contribution towards his surgery.I also pray that they continue to assist people in their time of need.This will go a very long way.Once again I thank you

" G. Solomon"

With heartfelt thanks,I was very much relieved and elated,when i received the funds from the NCF. Your help for the CT Scan of the brain was tremendous and appreciative.The fund gave me that sense of normalcy.The feeling is great.Thank you NCF for holding our hands and guiding us along the way.

" Kelly M. Fitzgerald"

I needed to have an emergency medical procedure performed overseas and just couldn't afford to cover the full expense. NCF was able to come through for me. Thank you so much.

" James Anderson"

NCF gave valuable assistance to me when I needed urgent medical attention. I don't know how I would have survived without them.


NCF provides financial assistance to nationals of St. Lucia, diagnosed with serious illness who require major medical interventions that are costly and beyond the resources of the applicant and his/her family. Medical interventions may include, but are not limited to surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, spinal braces, and removal of tumors, skin grafts and BT shunts.

NCF will provide financial support to applicants requiring surgery or other treatments in a hospital in St Lucia or overseas. Financial support from the NCF may be used to cover the cost of tests, medical procedures and other medical treatment.  Costs for transportation to and from the medical facility, if it is outside St Lucia, are not usually covered by these funds, but may be considered by the NCF in exceptional circumstances. NCF does not exclude any conditions except surgery that is recommended for cosmetics purposes only.

Financial aid for Medical Assistance will not exceed $5,000 for any one applicant.  Some private doctors offer NCF patients a discount fee.

All applications must be submitted on the appropriate National Community Foundation Application for Medical Assistance Form which can be obtained from the NCF’s offices, or on the website. All applications must be accompanied by the required documentation that is listed on the application form and all financial and medical information must be properly certified and documented.

NCF does not guarantee to pay the full medical costs for any one intervention. NCF will not pay for ongoing procedures. Additionally NCF will not pay for procedures in the private sector that are available in the public sector.

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